Our company has dealt with residential and commercial property pest control situations for several years. Below you will find a more detailed outline of specific situations that we can provide professional, fast service to you and your property.

Residential Pest Control:

There is nothing worse than an infestation taking over your home. Many insects can cause serious damage to the value of your property, leaving you with a serious problem. That’s where we come in. We can show you how to prevent and eliminate pest control hazards from inflicting your home. Don’t let these pesky bugs diminish your property value or invade your families safety. Call us today! We would be happy to offer you with a FREE pest inspection.

Commercial Pest Control:

Commercial properties are huge investments you need to protect. Pest Control of Bend Services can help you eliminate and prevent any  unwanted damage or infestations. We specialize in green methods for keeping you and your property protected. We have been working with companies in the Bend area for several years. We have become very familiar with what works best and how to provide it to our customers at an affordable rate. Let us help keep your commercial property protected. Call today for a FREE inspection!

Pest Extermination:

Exterminating unwanted insects in the past has involved harsh, severe chemicals that are unhealthy for people and the environment. We know greener methods that will be more beneficial for all involved. There is no need to use harsh chemicals when safer, just as effective ways are available to us. We guarantee our extermination procedures to work effectively. We will eliminate unwanted pests and keep them away for good!

Rodent Removal:

In Central Oregon a common problem for property owners is the invasion of rodents. Sometimes these animals are looking for shelter or food and can get trapped inside of our properties. Give us a call today! Don’t try to handle this by yourself. These animals can be dangerous, and even carry harmful diseases. Leave it to the professionals. We have dealt with all types of rodent removal situations. We can humanely trap the animal and relocate it without killing it. This is a winning situation for all involved. Call us today!

Green Pest Control Solutions:

Pest Control of Bend takes pride in offering our customers with Eco-Friendly solutions to their pest control and extermination problems. We feel that is our duty as helpers in the community to keep Central Oregon beautiful and clean. That’s why we strive to educate our staff on the best green methods available and pass that information onto our customers. Your pests are part of the family! Our eco-friendly alternatives to harsh chemicals will not harm pets, children, elderly adults, or even most plant life. Call us today!